C.A.R.B. Compliant

C.A.R.B. Compliant

California builders finally have an option when shopping for a compliant V-twin engine. Ultima motors, which are already known, for their
affordability & reliability are now available for sale to the State of California!!!!

They can bepurchased in natural, black or polished finish & in our always-popular displacements ranging from 100ci to 127ci.

These C.A.R.B. compliant carbureted engines can be ordered for new “Custom Builds”
not pre-existing registered motorcycles. All the certification paperwork has been done for
the homebuilder & small volume manufacturers in California.

There are specific requirements outlined in the Ultima C.A.R.B. Engine manual
including, but not limited to, hose & carbon canister routing, fuel tank location & capacity,
gearing & exhaust back pressure that need to be adhered to during installation. You will also
upon purchase be required to fill out, sign & return an agreement concerning your warranty rights, installation obligations & scheduled maintenance before you will receive your M.S.O. or
Compliance label. C.A.R.B. Engine Manuals are supplied with purchase & are available as a downloadable PDF format at bottom of this page.

100 C.I
107 C.I.
113 C.I.
120 C.I.
127 C.I.

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